Search Engine Optimisation – is it important?

Carrying on with my quick blogs on various topics with website design, I’m often asked about search engine optimisation (SEO). What is it and is it something that needs to be done? Don’t all sites just get picked up by Google and show in Google anyway? Firstly, what is SEO and is it something that […]

A quick simple look at domain names

Domain names, web hosting and SEO are popular topics I get asked about. In this post I’ll quickly review what a domain name is. So a domain name is your unique address/or name that people, and search engines, use to find your website. They are in the format:, or,,, etc. etc. […]

What is website hosting and do I need it?

I’m often asked “what is web hosting and do I need it?” Well your website is a series of files (much the same as a folder on your computer which has all your word files in say). There might be a database file too but essentially it’s a load of files. Now if they just […]