Should you build your own website?

Website responsive design

Why would a company use Pink Fin? So why would a company not just build their own website? Why use a website company like Pink Fin to create your online presence? All good questions. You could save yourself some money and use one of the website wizard online builders. Here’s some possible reasons why businesses […]

SSL Encryption – Does Your Website Need it?

A few years ago SSL encryption was only really seen on ecommerce sites as well as some blue-chip companies. Wind forward to 2018 and it seems we all need to be encrypted with an SSL certificate. So, what is SSL? Well firstly it stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Does that help? Probably not, but in […]

WordPress – love it or hate it?

When people say sweeping statements to me like, “I love WordPress,  I wouldn’t use anything else”, or “I wouldn’t touch WordPress with a barge pole”, I always wonder what experiences they’ve had with WordPress in the past to have come to such a conclusion. WordPress is an open-source content management software, originally designed for blogging, […]