Should you build your own website?

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Why would a company use Pink Fin?

So why would a company not just build their own website? Why use a website company like Pink Fin to create your online presence?

All good questions. You could save yourself some money and use one of the website wizard online builders.

Here’s some possible reasons why businesses would use a website company to create their website, instead of doing it yourself:

  • You wouldn’t know where to start
  • You don’t have the know-how / skills
  • You don’t have the time
  • You want it done right
  • You have other things to think about
  • You’re busy doing your jobs
  • We can do a better job
  • We’re the experts
  • We know about usability and design trends


Websites range in price depending on what you want your website to do for you. Our websites are typically £2,000 – £5000.

And we’ll say that you’ve decided to build the website yourself. For this example we’ll assume the website from us would have cost £3,000 (just so we can keep the numbers simple).

So by building your own website, you’re going to save yourself £3,000?

Ask yourself how much do you value your time? How much, an hour, do you value your time? (because whilst you’re busy learning about websites, what people want to see, user experience, call to actions, etc. Whilst your busy building your website, you won’t be doing other things that might be more important for you to be doing for your business.)

Is your time worth £30/hour? £50/hour? £70/hour? £100/hour?

For this example though we’ll assume it’s £50/hour. We’re also going to assume you pay around £200 for some website hosting, a domain name and a basic website builder wizard. This will give you 56 hours to build your own website before you start losing money (as you’ll be more expensive than us).

In 56 hours then you will need to be able to:

(this excludes creating content and sourcing images as you’d need to do that anyway whether you used us or built your own site)

  • Learn how the website building software works
  • Build a complete website
  • Make the website user-friendly – easy to navigate
  • Optimise all images (crop for size and image quality)
  • Lay the pages out clearly
  • Align text and images following design and layout principles
  • Make the home page enticing and inviting with a clear user path
  • Use colours that compliment or contrast with each other
  • Ensure the website is mobile friendly and optimised for mobiles (being responsive and being mobile-friendly are quite different)
  • Ensure the website works on all browsers and platforms
  • Sort out the web hosting
  • Upload website to host
  • Make changes to your domain name
  • Set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console and any other tool you might want to use


Sketching a website design


Will you achieve all this in 56 hours? You might do if you wanted something very simple. For those that do build their own, then great, I’ve nothing against that at all. But in a lot of cases I’m pretty sure you won’t achieve this in 56 hours.

Would it be better than what we could create for you? I like to think probably not. That’s not us being big-headed, but we live and breathe websites day in day out (It’s what we do!).

How important is your website?

How important is your website to your business? Do you rely on your website to give you a professional online presence. Does it need to be performing at its best for you all the time?

Let’s assume you value your business and want a great website, so you decide it’s money well spent to go with us, as opposed to having a go and getting something together yourself.

If you use us, you get these benefits:

  • You’ll have no hidden costs or commitments!
  • You fully own the website once the agreed price is paid
  • You get exactly what you asked for (you won’t be oversold)
  • You will always be met by a friendly face or friendly voice on the end of the phone
  • Your website will be search engine friendly
  • Your website will be easy to change and develop in the future


The six-points above are our six-point guarantee to all our customers. And we think we’re fairly unique in offering all of these.


Mobile optimising a website design


Let’s assume then that you’ve decided to go with our services and that we’ve built you a great website and it’s live on the Internet for the world to see. So what next? How will people find your website? Will your website remain secure and up to date? Are you adding new content? Is the website being backed up?

Well, another advantage to Pink Fin customers is that we are able to offer ongoing services to you, so you know your website is in good hands.

Let’s look at two of those questions I asked earlier:


Q1. How will people find your website?

As well as you telling every man and their dog you meet about your new shiny website, it’s worth considering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is the art of optimising your website for certain keywords, so your website appears higher up the search engine rankings when people type these keywords into the search engines. (e.g. if you’re a dog groomer in Romsey, you’d want someone to search for: dog groomer in Romsey and for your website to show up in the results, preferably at the top!)

For more information about SEO and our services, please see our Search Engine Optimisation page.


Q2: Will your website remain secure and up to date?

A recent statistic published is that 50% of all WordPress sites are at risk from security vulnerabilities because they are not kept up to date. The WordPress version and any installed plugins all need to be kept up to date.

Our Web Support and Management packages start from £35 and they can include: software updates, weekly backups, content changes, performance monitoring as well as email and telephone preferential support. See our support and management packages for more information.



To answer the original question: Why would a company use Pink Fin to create their website? Well we believe it’s because:

  • you will have a great website
  • that works on all devices
  • your customers will love
  • easy to navigate
  • you can concentrate on building your business
  • peace of mind that your website is safe and secure
  • working at its best
  • easy to find on the search engines


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