A quick simple look at domain names

Domain names, web hosting and SEO are popular topics I get asked about.

In this post I’ll quickly review what a domain name is. So a domain name is your unique address/or name that people, and search engines, use to find your website. They are in the format: yourdomainname.co.uk, or yourdomainname.com, yourdomainname.net, yourdomainname.org, etc. etc. These are all separate domain names as the bit after the dot “.” makes it a unique domain name.

Domain names are owned for a set amount of time, normally 1 or 2 years, and you always have the opportunity to renew that domain after that time. Their prices vary, with a .co.uk domain name normally the cheapest, often less than £10 for 2 years.

With a domain name you can use it to set up unique email addresses as well as having it point to your website hosting space. For example, my domain name is pinkfin.co.uk and that points to my website, www.pinkfin.co.uk. As well as this I have email addresses set up with my domain name, one of them being matt@pinkfin.co.uk.

If anyone wants help with their domain names and how that works with their website/email addresses, then please just ask.

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